There is just so much to say and share, about a variety of topics and wildly disparate subjects, and a whole virtual world of potentially interested listeners and collaborators. My blog is a place where I can express myself, share the experiences of being an American ex-pat in the Middle East,recently transplanted to Louisiana along with my/our life experiences, travels and anthropological encounters.  Calliope, one of my favorite names and word that always sounds lyrical and joyful when spoken aloud, happens to be the name of one of my beloved Boxer dogs.

Harmony’s Calliope Valentine, along with Harmony’s Princess Zoe Buttercup, are  my Colbie and Zozo,  and upon my urging, will occasionally share here their point-of-view on a variety of subject matter,s. Colbie, being the most temperate of us, will often consider a topic from both sides of the fence and may opt to refrain from personal judgments and criticism. Zozo, being the most like her beloved master, will often shoot from the hip, her thoughts somewhat flying about like misguided arrows, and later temper her opinions with gentle humor as not to offend…we are not perfect, we are not overly considerate of anyone’s extra-sensitive feelings (sorry, but you are free to fly) and we do realize that the humble and often awkward prose presented here will be open for critique and criticism, but hey! Don’t bother with the hate.

…she who laughs, lasts!

All opinions presented here are the author’s alone, and all material  reprinted with the author’s permission. All ideas that are published on this blog and any social media outlet that my name (and those of my ladies) is associated with belong to me and only me and may not be reprinted, copied or sold to anyone or any organization without my express consent. Whew! I will probably add more later, and persons actually reading this may wonder why I bothered, but ladies and gents, I’ve got big plans for my little ideas.