Calliope, taken from the Ancient Greek, means “beautifully, or strongly voiced” and is the most powerful of Ovid’s Muses. She is powerfully lyrical and is often depicted with a tablet or a writing device, so I very much envy her mythical powers and the ability to captivate and inspire. So, what are the qualities of a good muse, and how does one go about becoming a muse?

Calliope          In mythology, there were nine goddesses, called muses, that represented or symbolized the arts and sciences. These females served to inspire the creativity of others, and enabled the creative genius to manifest his ideas. Hmmm. It is said that if the muses declared their love for a man, his worries simply disappeared and this honor rendered him more sacred than a holy man. Oh, what the love of a powerful woman can do for a man!

In our modern times, the muse is not limited to the mythical gendered model, but is mostly associated with artistic endeavors. Think  of the mutually obsessed John Lennon and Yoko Ono, or Pablo Picasso and his artistic inspirations. Amanda Lapore, the transgender muse of artist David LaChapelle. Could we dare say that the Kardashian Klan are muses in the arts of fashion and banality?